Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is baby a boy or a girl?

September 10th 2010

This morning I had an appointment for my baby's anatomy scan. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold my secret at work all day long, and I wanted to surprise everyone in a cute way. So, I made cupcakes last night blue and pink.

The first 30 minutes baby was sleeping with it's back facing out, so all we could see was the spine, and then, had it's legs crossed. I got up jumped up and down, Chris prodded my belly a bit asking baby to move. I prayed to God to make my Little One wake up so we could see what he has gifted us with. After that 30 frustrating minutes baby flipped over and opened its legs WIDE open. We got the perfect shot.

Well, I used the PINK CUPCAKES!

February we will be adding Liliana Rose to our family.

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