Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going Cloth. Going Green.

We've decided that not only would it be kind to the environment, but it'll also be kind to our wallet. Then we can use that money elsewhere for Lily. I know it'll be a bit more work, but I really think it will pay off. I watched a show about disposable dipes, and they are gross! Toxins and poisons, that will not be on my daughter. I have found some brands that I will use for my 'stash'. In my stash I will start off with 30 dipes, that way I only have to wash every 2-3 days. So here is my ideal stash: Flips, because they seem super easy. There is no pocket to put the inserts, instead it is attached to the front and back of the dipe. Then, I do not have to wash the entire dipe, just the inserts. The second one I will have in my stash are a few bumGenius 4.0. They seem to be very durable, and inserts are very thick. They are also - SUPER cute. The third set of dipes in my collections will be Fuzzi Bunz. The last brand of dipes I will put in my stash are Sunbabies. Yes, it seems too good to be true. But from the baby board I'm a member on, Baby Center's Cloth Diapering Board , everyone seems to really love them. And for the price, who can't go wrong with that!?

I am really hoping and wishing that I can get into the routine of having to clean cloth diapers, it's something I am really wanting to do. Since becoming pregnant, my hippy side is really starting to show :) I found this site, All About Cloth Diapers, really helpful in my decision and understanding of cloth dipes.


bumGenius 4.0
Fuzzi Bunz
Sunbaby or their ebay store Sunbaby Ebay Store

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