Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lily's first birthday is around the corner.

I cannot believe she'll be one next month. Life has got in the way of the blog, being a mom takes priority of her blog.

She is such a character, every night when I lay her down to sleep I thank the Lord for bringing her to me.

For her birthday it's a very cool theme, Alice and Wonderland. I'm trying to do all, or most of her props hand made, doing it myself. I know her birthday is still a month and half away, but I didn't want to stress myself with the cupcake decorations the day before her birthday. So, I practiced today. I love From there, I learned how to make Roses out of icing. We didn't have all of the tools, so Chris got extra crafty. He made a flower nail out of a candle stick and a mason jar lid. It works way better than a flower nail anyways because I can put it down.

 Here is my very first rose made out of icing.